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A quick sketch done to represent the word misfit. Funnily enough (or not), every woman in this world is made to feel like a misfit; sometimes for her looks, her intellect, her choices; the list is endless. So, when I sat down to illustrate the word misfit, I thought to put down the whole tribe on the paper.

What tranquility looks like.

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Lucknow in winter.

There is nothing more thrilling than capturing beauty in photographs.

Sijo for tonight

Tonight I shut my eyes with the realisation
that there are several who will keep a vigil
holding fast to the lives of loved ones in hospital beds.

The art of architecture.

Poetry keeps the soul alive.

You can always enjoy the kick 
of writing a witty limerick
but there is no funny
in me honey
so you will have to pardon this silly trick. 

Art; from word to paint.